Описание «История одной семьи» 12 серия на русском языке

Название серии: «Iyi Günde Kötü Günde»
Дата выхода: 25 мая 2019
Reyhan and Cem complain about not being able to spend as much time together as before. The decision to divorce Nedim and Çigdem deeply affect Cem. Cem, who has taken action to revive his own marriage, will remind Reyhan of her past experiences with his surprise. When everything goes well for Erdem and Beste, they face a new problem with the emergence of Sehnaz. Sehnaz this time implies that Erdem was actually deceived by his ex-wife to arouse suspicion in Beste. Mahur struggles with the stress of work on the one hand, on the other hand tries to maintain the lie of pregnancy that he told his father. Sakir, who increased his joy of life, made an important decision about his private life. However, he must receive approval from Mahur to take action. Berk, who is trying to win Nil, invites her to the premiere of the play. However, when the big day comes, Berk is afraid to go on stage. While he is trying to restrain his tension, he feels that one of his closest friends is having a great difficulty. There are two options. Either ignoring her like in the past and going on, or this time helping her.