Описание «История одной семьи» 6 серия на русском языке

Название серии: «Renkler»
Дата выхода: 13 апреля 2019
Reyhan and Cem are invited to the school due to a topic related to Mahur. It is understood that Mahur must go to another school. However, this new private school will overturn all of Cem's plans. Mahur, who has learned that his father will have to make a great sacrifice for him, will not accept this. Erdem, who does not want to hide his feelings towards Beste, decides to open up to her. Just when he does this, a man who comes to the cafe confuses Erdem. This person will shake the trust of Beste in Erdem. Berk, accustomed to suppressing his feelings about death and loss, suffers the wrath of the director and writer during the rehearsal. Derya decides to help him with a method that will resort to unexpected. Berk's presence in the house of the Mahur makes Melis and Mercan very happy. Berk will have to make a special effort to make up for this.