Обещание 67 серия русская озвучка

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Описание «Обещание» 67 серия на русском

Название серии: «Yavuz'un Seçimi»
Дата выхода: 28 января 2019
Кадры к серии
Yavuz and Derya are trapped and in order to get out they have to go against Dragan and his men. But Dragan does not intend to give up, he attacks more violently and takes Derya as a result of this attack. Team, who came in prison for Karabatak, finds themselves in another dead-end. Because Dragan, who learns that the team is inside, raid the prison. Dragan, who has trapped Derya and the team together in the prison, wants Orhan. Yavuz sets out to save Derya, but doesn't know that the team is also in prison. Yavuz, with the help of Kopuk and Turan, takes action to take ...