Обещание 75 серия русская озвучка

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Описание «Обещание» 75 серия на русском

Название серии: «Avci»
Дата выхода: 25 марта 2019
Кадры к серии
Dost, who accelerated his plans for the state of terror, gave the history of the country to be established by Linda and Dragan. Meanwhile, plans for assassination serves to stir from the inside Turkey. Team is committed to eliminating Dragan, but at the time Karabatak is near Dragan and is about to seize critical information about the planned terrorist state. Team waits for news from Karabatak to make a move, but Karabatak's work will not be easy. Yavuz obtain shocking assassination information in his raid on cell house. Eylem's life is in danger. Yavuz, who left ...